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Acura RL Rear Camera System Owner’s Manual

November 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Please read this Owner’s Manual carefully before using the rear camera, and keep this manual in the glove box for future reference. This product is designed to be used exclusively on an Acura RL. Acura is not responsible if the unit is used for any other intended purpose.

• Do not disassemble or modify this rear camera system. It can cause malfunction of the system.
• The camera of this system is structured as the drip-proof sealed type for prevention of dew condensation on the lens. Do not loosen the screws on the camera and do not disassemble the camera, either. It can deteriorate the drip-proof performance of the system resulting in failure of the system.
• Do not hang down the camera with the cable and do not pull the cable to move the camera, either. It can deteriorate the drip-proof performance of the system and it can cause open circuit in the cable that lead to malfunction of the system.
• Do not install the rear camera system near the antenna of radio system. Install at least 2 ft (60 cm) away from the antenna. Bands appear across the monitor screen aslant when the electric wave of the radio system jumps into the cable of the rear camera system.
• Fogged or dirty lens does not assure of the clear pictures. Remove the drops of water, snow, mud, etc. from the lens with a moist soft cloth. Do not rub the lens with a dry cloth with force as it will scratch the lens.
• When you are obliged to warm up the rear camera system with hot water, apply hot water to the camera system slowly. Avoid sharp change of the temperature of the camera. It can damage the rear camera system.

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