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Figure’s 2006-Present Acura TSX Custom Grille set

November 5th, 2008 · No Comments

Scion xB Figure Grille Installation
1) Upper Center Grille
1.1) Remove OEM Grille. Begin by opening the hood. Remove the radiator cover that fits above the OEM grille. The radiator cover is held in place by a series of pop-top fasteners. Remove these by following the procedure shown in Figure 1. Finally, there are additional pop-top fasteners and two 10mm bolts that hold the OEM grille in place. Remove these and then remove the grille.
1.2) Prepare bumper for installation. Once the OEM grille is removed, drill two 1/8” holes in the locations shown in Figure 2. These holes will be used to secure the Figure Grille. If you ever need to re-install your OEM grille, these holes will be completely hidden and will not interfere in anyway.
1.3) Install the Figure Grille. Place the Figure Grille in the grille opening. The outside of the grille will fit in the lip of the bumper. Loosely attach nylon ties through the two holes you just drilled and through the OEM holes on the lower lip of the bumper. Once all ties are loosely attached, verify the grille is in the proper position and then fully secure all ties. Finish by cutting the excess tails off each tie.
1.4) Replace radiator cover. Place the radiator cover in its location and replace the pop-top fasters. Some fasteners will be left over as they were only used to secure the OEM grille.

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