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Acura RSX Seat Heater Install

November 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Be sure to test the heaters to make sure they work properly before going to the trouble of installing them. I just connected them to my battery terminals to do a quick test. This should only take a couple minutes and is a worthwhile precaution. Additionally, I would recommend getting some upholstery hog rings and hog pliers. These can be purchased as a package from JCWhitney for about $4-5.

Remove the Passenger Seat
• Remove the plastic that covers the rear bolts
• Unbolt the four main seat bolts
• Unclip some of the clips that hold the wires under the seat to the seat bracket
• Remove the Bose amplifier
• Disconnect all the wires from the seat
• Carefully remove the seat from the car

Remove the Driver Seat
• Same as passenger seat except no Bose amp

Remove the Center Console
• Remove the stock shift knob
• Remove the shift boot and console cover
• Remove the front Power Outlet panel
• Remove the two screws on the console up by the cup holder/power outlet

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