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Home Pressure Test Audi 2.7t

November 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

The Audi 2.7 turbo engine has been around for some time now. As the engine ages the hoses connecting the turbo pluming can develop leaks. The goal of this document is to supplement AWE Tuning’s 2.7t pressure test document in finding charge pressure leaks. An understanding of the 2.7t plumbing can help in diagnosing any leaks. The picture below is from the 2.7t study guide and shows the primary air path.

The light blue signifies atmospheric air. Damaged turbos, premature oil breakdown and premature engine wear will result if you have leaks in the atmospheric air path. However a leak here will not cause boost problems.

2.7t Pressure Test
The red path is compressed air leaving the turbos before the intercoolers. Air density is increased by cooling and thats the job of the intercoolers. By cooling the air you increase the air’s density which increases the engines volumetric efficiency. The dark blue path represents this dense air as it enters the intake manifold.

Another important path is the lines going to the N75 Charge pressure control valve. The picture below shows this air path.

The charge pressure line has two purposes. First these lines equalize the charge pressure between the left and right turbos. Second is to allow the N75 valve regulate the compressed or charged air. The control pressure line also has two purposes. First the line equalizes pressure between the left and right wastegate control valve. Second is to allow the N75 valve to regulate the wastegates.

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