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Audi Volkswagen Loading Manual

November 27th, 2008 · No Comments

This publication contains instructions for the proper method of loading and securing Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. Methods other than described and illustrated are not acceptable.

1. To ensure receipt of the proper vehicle, all Volkswagen/Audi vehicle identification numbers (V.I.N.) are located on the dashboard visible through the driver’s side lower windshield. 17 digit V.I.N. number – example – 3VWRT71K17M838290
2. Personnel must wear clean clothing free of objects that could cause damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle. Gloves are not to be worn inside the vehicle. Jewelry, if worn, and belt buckles, must be covered by protective devices. Smoking inside vehicles is strictly prohibited.
3. Engines should not idle for extended periods prior to and during the loading and unloading process, especially full body cover units, and must be shut off while in transit.
4. Prior to loading, each vehicle should be inspected to ensure that optional and loose shipped items such as radio, CD player, antenna, spare tires, wheel covers, navigation disc, remote keys, etc., are included with the vehicle.
5. Ramp angles and breakover points must meet requirements of product to prevent any front spoiler or undercarriage damage. During loading and unloading operations, vehicles must not be subjected to undercarriage interference from ramps, skids, or tie-down assemblies.
6. Tie-down straps, chains, and hooks must be secured to prevent any contact with the roof of vehicles when loading bottom position units. Chains must be removed from deck runways to prevent any tire damage or undercarriage interference.
7. Automatic transmission vehicles must be set in park, manual transmission vehicles in first gear after vehicles are positioned. Parking brakes must be firmly set before exiting the vehicle.
8. Once vehicles are in final loading position, keys must be removed from ignition, and left on the tether or placed in the left front door pocket. Locking of all vehicles is required if the transport remains unattended.
9. Drivers must never enter or exit a vehicle through the windows or tailgates. In addition, ensure seat and floor protection is in place before entering vehicles.

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10. At all times, vehicles must have hoods, deck lids/tailgates, doors, and windows closed. Doors (with the exception of the driver’s door) and deck lids/tailgates must be locked during transport.
11. Vehicles must never be started by pushing or pulling.
12. Driver is responsible for all damages between truckload and dealer delivery

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