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Service Light Plus Airbag Reset Tool (10 in 1) Instruction Manual

November 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

This Service Light & Airbag Reset Tool is an essential tool for resetting of oil service light, service warning light, service mileage, service intervals and airbag on European made vehicles like AUDI, BMW, CITROEN, M. BENZ,MINI, SAAB, SEAT, SKODA,VOLKSWAGEN, VOLVO, etc.

It is light, compact and very convenient without using the OEM Scanner to do the job. Once hooked up to the vehicle Data Link Connector (DLC), it can perform the following functions:
Reset of Oil Service Light
Reset of Service Warning Light
Setting of Oil Service Mileage
Setting of Service Mileage Interval
Setting of 1st
Inspection Service Interval
Setting of 2nd
Inspection Service Interval
Reset of Airbag

This Service Light and Airbag Reset tool is powered up directly through the vehicle Data Link Connector (DLC) except Volvo (A/B connectors) which needed an external 12V DC source. Once connected to the vehicle DLC and the ignition switched to “ON” position, the LCD screen will display:

Select the vehicle you need to work with by pressing the scroll up button or scroll down button to select the vehicle Manufacturer. The asterisk appears next to the number is an indication that it will be selected when OK button is pressed.

Get pdf Service Light Plus Airbag Reset Tool (10 in 1) Instruction Manual

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