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Model K10 installation guide

November 30th, 2008 · No Comments

primary harness (H1) wire connection guide
primary harness (H1) wiring diagram
The primary harness supplied with this unit is the standard 12-pin harness used. Two wires in the plug are not used. The upgrade from this unit to a security system would simply require unplugging and exchanging control units and connecting the necessary wires to the vehicle. The functions of all the wires that are used in the primary harness are outlined in the following wiring diagram and the wire connections are described in the wire connection guides

H1/1 ORANGE (-) Ground-When-Armed Output
This wire supplies a (-) 500 mA ground as long as the system is armed. This output ceases as soon as the system is disarmed. The orange wire is pre-wired to control the starter kill relay.
NOTE: if using the H1/1 Orange wire to activate an add-on accessory such as window automation, pager or voice module a 1Amp diode must be installed to ensure proper operation. Insert the diode as shown in the following diagram

H1/2 WHITE (-) Parking Light Output
This wire provides a (-) 200mA output to flash the parking lights. This is suitable for driving (-) light
control wires in Toyota, Lexus, BMW, some Mitsubishi, some Mazda, etc. If the vehicle has a positive parking light circuit, a relay must be used to flash the parking lights.

H1/3 WHITE/BLUE (-) Channel 3 Output
This wire provides a (-) 200 mA output whenever the transmitter code controlling Channel 3 is received.
This output will continue as long as that transmission is received. Use for options such as a start system, or power window controllers, etc.

H1/4 BLACK/WHITE (-) 200 mA Domelight Supervision Output
Connect this wire to the optional domelight supervision relay as shown in the following diagram:
IMPORTANT! This output is only intended to drive a relay. It cannot be connected directly to the domelight circuit, as the output cannot support the current draw of one or more bulbs.

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