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VATS / PASSLOCK / TRANSPONDER Universal Alarm Bypass Module

December 5th, 2008 · No Comments

This module lets you bypass virtually any type of vehicle factory anti-theft system on the market today to remotely start your vehicle without permanently disabling the vehicle factory theft system.

In 1985, General Motors came out with their first Vehicle Anti Theft System known as VATS which uses a resistor pellet in the key. Since this time, other manufacturers have been following suit with their own versions. Most use some form of a resistor in the key. Others use a transponder — a small device in the key which can communicate a high security code to the vehicle upon demand.

1 VATS/Passlock/Transponder module
1 8 position wire harness
1 Transponder loop w/connector
2 Cable Ties
1 Instruction booklet
2 Double-stick foam tape

Determine which type system you have in your vehicle. If unsure — follow the chart on the previous page to determine the system you have. There are several types of systems as outlined below: General Motors VATS and PASSLOCK I and PASSLOCK II theft systems. For these, you will be required to dial-in a resistor value which matches the one on your security system. The method is described on the following pages for each type system using the dip switches and the variable resistor. The variable resistor is a 10 turn potentiometer which can be dialed up from zero ohms to 1,000 ohms.

SATURN vehicles simply hook up to the Universal Alarm Bypass Module as shown on page 9.
TRANSPONDER systems require a transponder (or extra key) to be used with our system. Follow the directions on page 10 and 11

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