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1996-1999 VW/ Audi 1.8L AEB Engines Revised Camshaft Sprocket Bolt Torque

December 8th, 2008 · No Comments

Previously published service information regarding camshaft sprocket bolt torque specifications for the 1.8L Volkswagen/ Audi 1.8L AEB engines may have incorrectly listed the torque value at 74 ft.lbs.

The correct torque value for the camshaft sprocket bolt is 48 ft.lbs. (65 Nm).These cylinder heads are beginning to be seen in machine shops because many miles have accumulated since they were new. If the incorrect torque value is used,the result may be engine failure.Even if the bolt does not break after over-torquing, it is possible that all engine valves (20) will bend/break if the head bolts fail while engine is running (Figure 1, left).

Water Pump Coolant Leaks On 1990-2006
Suzuki Engines
The AERA Technical Committee says that water pump coolant leaks on all 1990-2006 Suzuki engines may be a normal part of the break-in cycle. Numerous water pumps have been returned to Suzuki under warranty due to leaks, however after testing these pumps they’ve been determined satisfactory for service.

Suzuki has determined that signs of coolant leakage at water pump weep holes are normal during break in. For a period of time some coolant will pass through the seal and leave green and white deposits around and below the weep hole (see Figure 2, above). This is not detrimental to the function of the water pump. There is however a limit to what is considered normal leakage, according to the company.

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