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Sy-Klone Series 9000 Air Precleaner for Mack Truck Models MR, & LE, and Volvo Truck Models WXLL42, & WX64 Installation

December 6th, 2008 · No Comments

This bulletin is designed to improve the air intake performance and extend the air filter life on garbage refuse trucks by removing the Vacuator style dust cups and installing a Sy-Klone Series 9000 Air Precleaner. Your trucks will experience increased uptime and reduced operating costs.

Perform a complete air intake system inspection as follows:
1. Check the air inlet connections from the engine turbocharger to the air filter housing. Make sure that all of the clamps are secure, and that the rubber elbow and hump hose is pliable and not cracked, or otherwise damaged, allowing unfiltered air into the engine.
2. Inspect the air cleaner housing and end cap to make sure there are no dents, holes, cracks, distortions, or damaged gaskets. Repair or replace as needed.
3. Visually inspect the air filter restriction gauge condition. If the gauge appears to be damaged in any way, replace it. At a minimum replace it once every year.
4. Visually inspect the connections between the air filter housing, and air inlet extension piping. If there are rubber elbows or rubber hump hoses involved, make sure that they are pliable and are not cracked or otherwise damaged. Check to make sure the clamps that hold them in place are securely tightened.

Air filter element inspection procedure:
1. Remove the outer (primary) air filter element and inspect it to make sure the seals on the clean end are sealing correctly and there is no dirt trail showing where contaminants have entered onto the secondary filter.
2. Remove the safety air filter element. Do a visual check of the safety element. If there is dirt or debris on the element (outside) of the filter, replace it.
3. Carefully inspect the filter elements to make sure that they have not collapsed, bent or distorted. If these conditions are found, repair the system as needed to prevent the same damage to the new filter being installed.
4. Check the color of the primary filter element. If the element is black or has exhaust soot on it this is an indication that exhaust gas is entering into the air intake system. If exhaust gases are entering the air intake, find out where the exhaust gases are entering the air intake and make immediate repairs.
5. When the primary filter element is replaced, make sure you tighten down the filter housing end cap evenly so that the end cap is firmly sealed. On air filter elements that form the air filter end cap, make sure the outer end cap seal is in good shape. This will eliminate the possibility of dirty air entering the air filter housing through the end cap area.

Installation procedures (refer to diagrams on back of this bulletin):
1. Remove all parts from box and make sure you have the Sy-Klone Air Precleaner and clamp. Check the installation kit box, if required for your installation, for the following: (2) DVP-3930 Vacuator valve plugs, (1) 66070 adapter and clamp.
2. Raise cab on truck.
3. Remove the Vacuator valves from the air filter housing and the inline separator, and install the DVP-3930 Vacuator valve plugs in place of the Vacuator valves, and tighten the nut on the plug. If the Vacuator valve is missing, simply insert the DVP-3930 plug in to the hole were the Vacuator valve attaches and tighten nut.
4. Install new primary air filter element.
5. Remove the air inlet rain cap. Measure the distance from the inlet pipe to the bed overhang. Make sure there is 10” of clearance between the top of the inlet pipe and the bottom of the bed overhang. If there is not 10” of clearance, cut down inlet pipe until 10” of clearance is available.
6. The Sy-Klone Air Precleaner will fit directly on the 6” air inlet pipe. If the air inlet pipe is 7”, install the 66070 adapter and tighten clamp on the adapter.

Get pdf Sy-Klone Series 9000 Air Precleaner for Mack Truck Models MR, & LE, and Volvo Truck Models WXLL42, & WX64 Installation

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