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MicroCommander 585 Installation Manual

December 16th, 2008 · No Comments

The MicroCommander engine control provides single lever operation of engine speed and shift from one to five remote stations. The control system operates from a 12, 24, or 32 volt DC battery supply and in the static condition draws seven watts. Maximum is 160 watts.

The engine speed and shift are sequenced such that the engine throttle must be at Idle before shift, and shift must then be completed before the engine throttle will advance. The connection to the engine throttle and clutch is through standard Type 33C push-pull cables. (Reference Section 11.)

The MicroCommander Engine Control offers an option to add automatic engine synchronization and trolling valve control. Sections 18. and 19. of this manual explains operation, installation, and adjustments of these options.

• Throttle or clutch selector lever load should not exceed 40 lbs. (18kg).
• MicroCommander Engine Controls require a reliable battery source of 12 to 32 volts DC.
• The DC power required is to be supplied through a 10 ampere circuit breaker. (One for each Actuator)
Avoid using the starting battery on 12 volt systems, if possible. A dedicated battery for MicroCommander and other electronic equipment is recommended. Do not use a power converter or battery charger without a battery

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