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VOLVO i-shift Overdrive, for Volvo D11, D13 Operator’s Manual

December 17th, 2008 · No Comments

The Volvo I-Shift transmission is a single countershaft transmission with 12 forward gears and two reverse gears. Some vehicles have four reverse gears. The I-Shift is an automated mechanical transmission. The transmitted torque (both engine and braking) will be interrupted during gear shifting, in both driving and coasting conditions. There is no clutch pedal and the gearshift is controlled by the ergonomic gear selector. The I-Shift is available as an overdrive or direct drive transmission.

Driver Information Display with I-Shift Transmission
1. Gear Selector Pattern is shown in the display so the driver does not have to look down at the gear selector to determine which way to move the gear lever to obtain a different gear range.
2. Selected Gear Position indicates the current position of the gear lever.
3. Available Gears Down indicates the number of downshifts with the current vehicle operating conditions.
4. Current Gear indicates the current transmission operating gear.
5. Available Gears Up indicates the number of upshifts with the current vehicle operating conditions.
6. Driving Mode indicates if the transmission is operating in Economy or Performance mode.

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