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The GENCON II pro System Manual

December 18th, 2008 · No Comments

The controller is made of three parts: GENCON PRO This is the main unit that performs all computations, measurements, paralleling and communication. Standard models nominal line to neutral Vac: 120, 127, 220, 240 and 277

IOB1 This is an auxiliary 16 input and 8 output relay board that is mounted on a DIN rail inside the control cubicle. It takes care of engine management (eg fuel-solenoid), handles external alarms (eg low oil pressure), etc. Standard models nominal battery Vdc: 12 and 24.
IOB2 The IOB2 has all the facilities of the IOB1 but also has 4 multi-range programmable analogue inputs for reading such things as oil pressure, water temperature, charger rate etc. All readings can be displayed on the LCD display of the Gencon and also read remotely via the communicator.
AVRx This is a small interface circuit between the main unit and the generator’s (alternator) automatic voltage regulator (AVR). It is required for voltage matching during synchronization and for reactive power (kVAr) control when in parallel.

There are many situations that can be handled best by operating two or more generator sets in parallel on a common bus. Typical reasons are –
Reliability: In a standby system, when there is a mains failure, all generators in the system are started. The probability of having a generator start and achieve nominal voltage and frequency is increased according to the number of sets available.
Flexibility: Maintenance operations can be performed without having to shut down the whole system.
Economy: When the loads are expected to expand substantially, the initial investment is minimized by installing one smaller generator set, and then adding more sets in parallel as the loads increase. The number of generator sets running can change according to the load. In contrast, having one large genset run under light load conditions accelerates engine wear.
There are reasons to let a single generator set also have switch gear for paralleling with the mains –
Reliability: A standby generator set with a paralleling switch gear, when the mains supplyis restored, can transfer the load back to the mains smoothly without the consumers having to undergo a (second) power cut. Flexibility: Exercising standby generator sets under load does not interrupt the consumers supply.
Economy: Exporting to the mains lines can reduce the peak kilowatt demand of a facility at high tariff hours. Also, when an engine heat recovery system is installed (Combined Heat & Power), the generator set can export power through the mains lines to a local community and reach high overall efficiency.

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