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Subaru Forrester Power Steering Rack Install

December 21st, 2008 · No Comments

This document shows a set of pictures I took while installing a 1999 Subaru Power Steering Rack into my 1973 Datsun 240Z. The car had already been converted to a 1995 LT1 with a WC T5 transmission and I had kept the original pump from the donor car (Caprice 9C1) so I used it.

The steering has a feel similar to a higher end modern sports car. It’s light but still has reasonable road feel. The Subaru rack I used seems to have a higher ratio than the stock Datsun so the steering is quicker than it was.

I raised the front of the engine 1/2” so the main pulley/dampener would clear the plumbing on the rack. This wasn’t the only solution but it was the cheapest and had the added benefit improving the drive line angles. I didn’t take pictures of the new setback plates but I can get Solid Works drawings if anyone wants them.

This is the cross member I used, it’s from a 280Z. I had to cut an opening to clear the valve body of the rack and modify the mounts to accept the different shape. After making the cuts I welded reinforcements to the bottom and top of the member where the cut was made and also reinforced the mount tower as it also had to be clearance.

Get pdf Subaru Forrester Power Steering Rack Install

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