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2003-07 Hummer H2 V8-6.0L K&N Kit Installation Instructions

January 27th, 2010 · No Comments

1. Turn the ignition OFF and disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery cable.
3. Disconnect the mass air sensor electrical connection.
2. Remove the 8mm bolt that retains then engine cover onto the engine then remove the cover from vehicle.
4. Loosen the hose clamp at the throttle body.
5. Loosen the hose clamp at the mass air sensor.
6. Detach the intake tube from the throttle body and mass air sensor then remove the intake assembly.
NOTE: K&N recommends that customers do not discard factory air intake.

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2006 Chevrolet Corolado/GMC Canyon L4-2.8L AirCharger Installation Instructions

September 7th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Turn the ignition OFF and disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery cable.
2. Depress the locking clip on the mass air sensor electrical connection, and then separate the mass air sensor electrical connection.
3. Loosen the hose clamp that retains the stock intake tube to the resonator, and then remove the tube from the resonator as shown.

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03-04 Chevy Duramax / 01-04 GMC Duramax 6.6L Installation Instructions

August 29th, 2009 · No Comments

Your Airaid Intake System was carefully inspected and packaged. Check that no parts are missing, or were damaged during shipping. If any parts are missing, contact Airaid. The air filter element is protected from direct exposure to water and debris; care should be taken not to drive through deep water. WATER INGESTION IS THE DRIVERS RESPONSIBILTY! The air filter is reusable and should be cleaned using the Airaid Filter Tune-Up Kit periodically.

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2005-07 Ford Mustang GT 4.6LV-8 Airaid Installation Instructions

July 27th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. PLEASE READ #22 ON THE BACK PAGE!! Push the green plastic tabs, and remove breather hose from vehicle. (Save for later use).
2. Loosen the intake tube hose clamp on the throttle body. Slide the red tab on the electrical connector, and disconnect the mass air sensor.
3. With a 10mm socket, remove the bolt holding the factory airbox to the fender, and save it for re-installation in step #8.
4. Remove the complete factory intake. Use caution to retain the factory grommets in the inner fender.

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1991-95 Ford Escort GT L4-1.8L Installation Instructions

July 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

1) Disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery cable.
2) Carefully remove the electrical plug at the mass-air sensor. (held in place by a small spring-wire clip) Move the wire out of harms way until re-assembly.
3) Loosen the intake tube where it connects to the mass-air sensor.
4) Unbolt the airbox assembly from the body. It is held in place with two bolts and one nut.
5) Carefully unclip the coil wire from the bracket at the rear of the mass-air sensor.

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