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2001-2007 Honda CBR600 F4i Slip-On System Installation Instructions

November 18th, 2009 · No Comments

Installation Instructions
1. After bike is cool make sure the bike is secured before beginning the installation.
2. Remove the right side fairing (refer to the owners manual for more information on removal).
3. Remove the stock exhaust from the bike. Unbolt the exhaust mount on the rear peg and loosen the collector clamp and remove the stock system.
4. Attach the LOR exhaust canister to the slip-on tube adapter with the spring tabs aligned (make sure your hands are protected with a pair of gloves in case the tubes slip). You may have to squeeze the mid-pipe adapter tube to fit into the exhaust inlet as the mandrel bends may become slightly out of round due to a cut near the bend (the tube will take form once connected). Slide the canister all the way until the slip-on adapter seats fully against the exhaust inlet. Wipe off any excess silicone.

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Ducati Electronic Jet Kit Instructions

January 27th, 2009 · No Comments

Thank you for choosing the Techlusion Electronic Jet Kit, the TFI. The TFI is usable for fuel injected Ducati’s ** . This product is a perfect fit for stock bikes with exhaust and intake mods. It is also capable of handling the fuel needs of cubic inch kits, light cams, and a variety of head porting. This is an Electronic Jet Kit. Like jet kits in the past, the more you modify, the more responsibility you take in getting your fuel curve right. Going to will help you obtain better high horsepower tuning.

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SUZUKI / GSX-R600/750 / 2006-2007 Carbon Fiber / Aluminum 6061 Installation Instructions

October 8th, 2008 · No Comments

1 After bike is cool make sure the bike is secured before beginning the installation.
2 Remove the right side lower fairing bolts and pull the fairing out from the push pin/rubber connector.
3 Fully loosen the muffler clamp from the header collector.
4 Remove the 3 muffler mounting bolts (2 on the right side, 1 on the left side).
5 Carefully remove the stock muffler and place in a safe location.

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