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1996-2003 Cadillac Eldorado Pro.Fit VSM Instructions

July 21st, 2010 · No Comments

STEP 1. In front of shifter knob locate and remove a small clip that holds the shifter knob in place. Using your hook tool to get behind the small clip and pull outward. Set clip aside. Grasp the shifter knob and pull up to remove. Insert the hook tool underneath the right rear corner of the bezel that surrounds the shifter. Pull upward to release one (1) clip. Perform the same action in the remaining three corners of the bezel. Set the the parking brake and shift the transmission into neutral. Pull the ashtray insert out and set aside. Locate a 9/32” hex head screw behind where the ashtray insert was. Remove that screw with your 9/32” socket and ratchet. Set the screw aside. Grasp the bezel that surrounds the shifter knob and pull it up and over the shifter handle. Disconnect all wiring and set bezel aside.

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TUbliss Installation Instructions

November 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

First time installation will require drilling a 10mm hole in your rim. After the TUbliss Core is installed on the rim, it stays on the rim. It’s not necessary, nor recommended, to remove it when changing tires. We recommend installing TUbliss on new tires that have never been mounted. OEM rim locks leave impressions on the inside of your old tire and any tears or damage from a previous installation may cause leaks or other problems.

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PickUp Truck Installation Instructions

August 16th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Line up the 48” Tracks so the outside of the tracks are 50” apart.
Note: On Ford F150 you will only be able to space the 48″ tracks 49 1/2″ apart, up against the wheel wells.
2. Now line up the edge of the tracks 6” from the back of the bed.
3. Notice the 5 pre-drilled holes in the tracks – drill a 1/8” pilot hole in each location for the Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws. Also, depending on the vehicle, use the supplied track shims to level the bottom of the track due to the ribs on the bottom of the bed.
4. Using the Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws and a Screw Driver, screw down the 48” Tracks.

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Aurora HV70M High Performance Ignition Installation Instructions

August 6th, 2009 · No Comments

The HV70M may be mounted in any position (vertical, horizontal etc.). It is however recommended that a location be chosen with free airflow away from direct sources of high heat, such above exhaust manifolds or directly mounted on the engine itself. The supplied 36” high efficiency coil lead allows for remote mounting away from hot and moving engine parts. The coil lead may be shortened after installation should it be required. As well, longer coil leads, up to 72”, are available from your Aurora dealer to aid in difficult installations. Some consideration should be given to the routing of the coil lead in relation to distributor and HV70M mounting location. The coil lead must avoid moving engine parts, or surfaces that could cause abrasion. It is also strongly recommended that the coil lead avoid being bundled with any other wiring harnesses.

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