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2003 RSX Side Under Spoiler Installation Instructions

November 21st, 2009 · No Comments

1. Attach the left strake to the side under spoiler using the three self-tapping screws.
2. Remove the three self-tapping screws that fasten the front inner fender to the fenderwell.
3. Remove the four clips that fasten the existing side under spoiler to the side sill, then remove the spoiler by sliding it toward the front.
4. Remove the spring nut from the end of the side under spoiler you just removed.
5. Remove the eight clips from the side sill by turning them 45 degrees.

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2006 Honda Ridgeline PART#57600 57601 Bull Bar Installation Instructions

November 19th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Remove push type retainers from lower splash shield. Remove plastic splash shield to access to mounting location.
2. Locate and remove bolts that hold the frame brace and bumper brackets to vehicle.
3. Install frame bracket between lower radiator support and frame brace using (3) existing bolts. As shown.
4. Cut plastic splash shield to allow brackets to pass through. See Cutting Instruction sheet for guidelines on cutting. Reinstall plastic splash shield over brackets in this same order removed.

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2001-02 Honda Passport Step Board Kit Installation Instructions

November 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

STEP 1. Remove the contents from the box and check for any damage. Verify all parts against the parts list. Read and understand instructions completely before beginning installation.
STEP 2. Measure, and mark clearly, from the front of pinch weld towards the rear of vehicle for bracket positions. Suggested locations at 14 1/2”,33 1/4”, 49 1/2” and 61 1/2”.
STEP 3. Drill 5/16” holes as marked on pinch weld. Drill each hole in pinch weld so they are centered vertically.
STEP 4. Under the vehicle near the first 2 hole locations you will see 2 black body plugs, remove these

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Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra Extended Cab Husky Gear Box Installation Instructions

October 27th, 2009 · No Comments

The Gear Box is designed to fit under the rear seat of your truck or SUV. The Gear Box gives you a place to store loose items and clutter and ultimately help keep your vehicle organized. It’s designed to fit your vehicle with or without your Husky Liners in place and only takes a few minutes to install.

1) Open and remove the Gear Box from the shipping box and protective plastic bag.
2) Lift the rear seats into their upright position.

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Ford Falcon Hard Tonneau Cover Fitting Instructions

July 24th, 2009 · No Comments

This product should be fitted by experienced people.
Be sure you read fitting instructions carefully and completely before fitting ute lid to vehicle.
1. Remove all packaging from ute lid.
2. With assistance – carefully place ute lid onto ute tub body, ensuring lid is sitting correctly with even gaps all around.
3. At the front of the lid, mark a line onto the tub liner on each side of both lid hinges.
4. Remove ute lid from vehicle.
5. Place the slotted hinges (1) flush with the body- between the lines you marked (2) and attach both hinges to body using self drilling screws supplied.

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1998-Newer Ford Taurus FP-611 Base Installation Instructions

April 9th, 2009 · No Comments

The FP-611 (1998-Newer Ford Taurus base) is a no-holes passenger side base. Installing a no-holes base does not require drilling any holes into the vehicle.
Installing the FP-611 Base in the vehicle:
1. Place both front seats of the vehicle in their most rearward position.
2. Remove the following fasteners that hold the seats down to the vehicle floor: Front right seat fastener on driver’s side and front (more…)

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AT 500 Instruction Manual

October 29th, 2008 · No Comments

Place your AT 500 on the edge of a sturdy bench or table where you plan to mount it. Give yourself about 12 inches of work space on each side of the machine to allow room for components.
Using the machine itself as a template, mark and drill four 1/4” holes in your bench and bolt your AT 500 securely to it.
Avoid using wood or lag screws to mount your reloader to the bench. These types of screws can loosen over time.

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Suzuki Wagon R+

September 27th, 2008 · No Comments

IF YOU CAN BUY THE SAME CAR AS a Vauxhall, why buy a Suzuki? There are fewer dealers, the list price is higher … Clearly, anyone serious about owning the Wagon R should refer to our Agila report as well. However, there are differences – subtle but significant – and despite a recent price rise, the Suzuki’s standard kit, ready-for-the-road, would actually cost nearly £200 more on the Agila. Of course, the Wagon R has been selling well for several years back home in Japan.

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2003 Hummer H2 Component Locator Panel Identification

September 9th, 2008 · No Comments

Three-Dimensional Measurements
Three-dimensional measurements are provided in the absences of dimension information from your equipment supplier. Universal three-dimensional measuring equipment is required to use these numbers. You may need to adjust the height dimensions to match the datum height of your equipment. Only the width dimensions can be used to measure point-to-point. All holes, slots and fasteners are measured to the center.

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