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Replacing a Fuel Pump in a 92′ Cadillac Deville?

December 27th, 2010 · No Comments

I have an odd problem with my car. It MUST be the fuel pump because I just replaced the fuel filter. My car will start up and run for about 5-10 minutes, then it stalls. There is an odd sound coming from near the rear end while it’s running and I’m assuming it’s coming from the pump. It sounds great when you turn the ignition forward and hear the pump come on, but obviously is going out. After the car stalls it will not start after that but will if I let the car sit for a few hours, I have used Prestone Starter Fluid to start it after and it seems to run ok, but I (more…)

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How many miles could I expect to get out of my 98 Nissan Altima, before replacing it?

December 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

I would say if you take care of it
Like maintenance and change fluids regularly
I would say you can expect a minimum of 150,000
It is a foreign car so it usually lasts longer but i would say on average it should hit 170,000 and if really good care it can make 250,000
But realistically if you take good care of it it should make 200,000
Depends what goes wrong on it some things will be easy and cheap to fix and it should last a while
I have a friend who got his car to 350,000 and still running good

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CodeLink – The New Last Step in Alignment Service

July 27th, 2010 · No Comments

CodeLinkо provides a simple, integrated solution Hunter Engineering’s patented CodeLinkо fully integrates with Hunter’s WinAlignо alignment systems to provide fast, simple solutions to resetting SAS and other related sensors.
- Automatically identifies candidate vehicles.
- Incorporates SAS reset steps into alignment procedure.
- On-screen instructions allow the technician to use the same familiar interface – easy to learn.
- Much less expensive than OEM and aftermarket diagnostic scan tools.
- Updates with alignment software – no additional expensive software required.
- Dedicated alignment tool – stays in the alignment bay.
Simplified reset instructions using easy-to-read graphics replace confusing OEM procedures.

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2001-08 Hummer H2 4WD Torsion Bar Leveling Kit Instructions

February 9th, 2010 · No Comments

The net amount of ride height increase depends upon the age and use of the vehicle, wheel offset, and numerous other factors. Stated torsion bar ride height in- creases are based upon factory specifications. If the torsion bars were “cranked up” at some point in the past, expect a corresponding reduction in overall height increase with the new torsion keys. Note that torsion bars, like any other spring, are subject to fatigue and sagging over time. Also, torsion bars have different ratings depending on how the vehicle was equipped from the factory. In some cases, installing heavier rated bars (which can be purchased from a dealer) may be the only solution to regaining ride height lost from adding heavy aftermarket accessories, such as a winch bumper or snow plow.

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Hummer H3 & H3T 1″ Body Lift Instructions

January 8th, 2010 · No Comments

Your new Daystar body lift kit will allow the installation of 35” tires. Larger tires can be fitted if paired with our 2” torsion bar key kit, and some trimming . The tools needed for installation are on the last page . A list of parts in the kit are under the BOM, verify that you have all parts prior to installing your new Body Lift Kit . Make sure you have all of the proper tools and understand these directions before proceeding. Place Vehicle on level ground. Be sure that the wheels are blocked and the vehicle is in park.

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2009 Civic 2 AND 4-Door Aluminum Wheel Instructions

November 16th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Clean the mating surface and the valve hole of the aluminum wheel.
2. Install the tire pressure sensor and the washer to the aluminum wheel, and loosely install the valve nut. Make sure the pressure sensor is resting on the wheel.
NOTE: Install the tire pressure sensor so that the sensor housing surface should not exceed the wheel protrusion to prevent the sensor housing caught to the bead of the tire when assembled the tire.

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Honda/Acura Traction System Installation Instructions

November 9th, 2009 · No Comments

This system is a bolt-on package that is designed to enhance traction by eliminating wheel hop and promoting weight transfer to the front wheels. Installation of this product requires the permanent removal of the factory plastic splash pan located just behind the radiator support. No other modifications are required for installation.

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99-07 Chevy & GMC Full Size Part # 000937, 000938 Installation Instructions

October 13th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Engage the steering column / ignition switch lock with the steering wheel & wheels centered. (NOTE It may be necessary to remove the upper and lower steering shaft bolts prior to locking for accessibility)
2. Remove the two bolts holding the upper shaft in place. One is located in the engine compartment; the second is located under the dash at the base of the steering column.
3. Compress factory shaft assembly and remove it from under the dash. Do not spin wheel with shaft removed.

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02-06 Chevy/GMC 2500HD Torsion Bar Adjuster Kit

September 7th, 2009 · No Comments

As a general rule, the taller a vehicle is, the easier it will roll. Offset, as much as possible, what is lost in rollover resistance by increasing tire track width. In other words, go “wide” as you go “tall”. Do not add, alter, or fabricate any factory or after-market parts to increase vehicle height over the intended height of the Rough Country product purchased. Mixing component brands, lifts, and/or combining body lift with suspension lifts voids all warranties. Rough Country makes no claims regarding lifting devices and excludes any and all implied claims. We will not be responsible for any product that is altered. Braking performance and capability are decreased when significantly larger/heavier tires and wheels are used. Take this into consideration while driving.

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2005-2007 Ford Mustang GT, Coupe & Convertible Pro-Kit Installation Instructions

August 22nd, 2009 · No Comments

Read All Instructions Before Beginning Installation
• Installation of a PRO-KIT Spring set should only be performed by a qualified mechanic experienced in the installation and removal of suspension springs.
• Use of a hoist is highly recommended and will substantially reduce installation time.
• Never work on or under a vehicle unless it is properly supported by safety stands and wheels are blocked.
• PRO-KIT Springs are marked with 01 and 02 (located at the end of the part number) designating front and rear spring respectively.

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